Printing created the world

Foundation from China, Expansion to the world

HaoNeng Group, deployed numerous marketing channel around the world.
To serve with customers from every corner of the world .

Illochroma Haoneng Belgium wil met hetproject ‘De Duurzame Drukker' haar duurzaam loopbaanbeleid verder uitbouwen. Uit een bevraging van de stakeholders via meerdere kanalen wordt een project rond jobinhoud, werkorganisatie, motivatie en de work-life balans opgezet. Dit project wordt mede gefinancierd door de Europese Unie.

HaoNeng acquires the European centuries-old history Illochroma group
To realized the layout of marketing globalization

Haoneng successfully acquired Illochroma, a 100-year-old label leader in Europe.Officially open the process of internationalization.

Innovative technology,
commitment to the research and development
Provide a wide range of product option for customer

Just glance, I see youEverything we do is only to attract all eyes to stay here.
slogantext1Creating value for customers is our eternal pursuit
Employees are our greatest asset
Continuous innovation is our constant engine
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